Connect with Kelley Day 2012!!!

Hello everyone!

Sorry it's been awhile since I wrote; I was busy studying hard for midterms.  Today is Connect with Kelley Day, a day when roughly 1,200 Kelley direct admits converge on campus to learn all about what Kelley and IU have to offer.  I live in the Kelley LLC, so we've been preparing for this event for months.  I went to a reception in Henke Hall of Champions (in the North End Zone complex of Memorial Stadium) last night.  I talked to prospective students and their families about Kelley, the KLLC, marching band, study abroad, career services, and just college life in general.  My room's on the tour route today, so if you're on the tour, COME ON IN!!!  Here's a picture of our room rearin' and ready to go after a quick morning tidying!

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