It's been a few days since I wrote on here, but with good reason: I was out of town. One of the better decisions I made when coming to IU was to be a part of the Kelley Living-Learning Center, which is basically a dorm for business majors. One of the perks of living in the Kelley Living-Learning Center is that you get to talk to recruiters and other business professionals one-on-one as a freshman.

Even better, if you so choose, you can sometimes talk to them one-on-one in their corporate headquarters! We departed at 11:00 PM last Thursday for an overnight bus ride to Atlanta. It was a pretty long ride, and nobody slept very much. We arrived in Atlanta at around 8:30 AM on Friday, ate a very delicious breakfast at the Georgia Tech Hotel, and then started our full day of corporate visits with Coca-Cola, followed by Georgia-Pacific and Berenstein Wealth Management, then finished our day with dinner at the home of a Kelley alum. Needless to say, we were all VERY tired by the end, but we still managed to stay up just a little bit longer to do homework (of which we all had plenty) and to visit with each other. Well, we probably did more visiting with each other, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Friday was another early day (for a college student, at least). We started our day with a networking breakfast and an alumni panel in the hotel conference center. We were able to ask alumni about what they had done to advance their careers, as well as what they would have done differently. It was nice to get a sort of "second opinion" on what we should all be doing to make the most of our college experiences, and it was fantastic getting to know the alumni.

After the alumni panel, we all changed clothes and those of us who had requested to go to the CNN visit headed off. I'm so glad I decided to go to CNN; it was probably the best part! While anyone is able to take a tour of the CNN center, we were able to get a special, more in-depth tour. We met with some pretty high-ranking folks at CNN, who took us to all the cool places there. Since we were there in the middle of Whitney Houston's funeral, we were able to talk to some people who normally are unavailable and were even allowed to walk right in to one of the studios!  It was so cool. After the tour, we went into a conference room and had a brief Q&A session with some of the folks from CNN. We learned all about working at CNN, the news industry, and the structure of the company.  I'm very glad I got to go.

After another very long day, we all ate at Moe's and then headed to a comedy show at Dad's Garage. It was an improv show, so it was really funny once the folks on stage realized that there was a group of 50+ college students in the audience. I think they had fun making jokes about college life. It was a really great way to wind down after another long day.

Sunday morning was a bittersweet moment, as we had to head back to Bloomington for Monday classes and to face the reality of upcoming midterm exams. We did manage to have fun on the approximately. 10 hour bus ride back (as always!).

Well, I have to go. I have a marketing internship with a restaurant here in Bloomington (something I hope to write about in the near future) and I have a team meeting in just a few minutes. See you soon!

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