Let's get involved...ya ya ya.

So here's my little plug for my student organization. As I said in my introduction, I am on the Steering Committee for the Indiana University Student Foundation. What's that you ask? Well IUSF is an organization started by Howdy Wilcox in 1950. He saw the need for making students active alumnae TODAY, so that they would continue to love and support their alma mater post-graduation. From his desire to engage students stemmed the Little 500 bicycle race. If you don't know about Little 500, this video may give you a better idea.

So, Little 5 is this awesome bike race that hundreds of riders train for year round. It has been dubbed the "World's Greatest College Weekend," and named one of the top sporting events to see before you die, so it's pretty much a big deal. Student-athletes compete in the Little 500 for nothing more than bragging rights. Yet, the biggest deal of all is the reason behind the race: working-student scholarships. Howdy Wilcox's mission was to help students help themselves.

I'm sure most of the students who go to IU don't even know the history and traditions behind Little 5, unless they took Traditions and Cultures of IU (which everyone should, it's a GREAT class!). Little 5 is so much more than a week of partying and a bike race. It's a long-standing tradition, and IUSF presents hundreds of students with the opportunity to participate each year. Whether as a rider, an IUSF member, or a spectator, I urge everyone to come out to the race this year. It's going to be one for the ages.

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