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Hey all!

(I'm in the middle)My name is Elisabeth Lesem, and I'm a Senior majoring in Journalism and English. I'm from Indianapolis, IN, so I don't have to travel far to school, but Bloomington seems like a whole new world! Come May 5th, I'll be graduating from IU, but I plan on savoring every last moment while I'm still in beautiful Bloomington, IN. I love writing, so blogging seems like an appropriate path for me! However, school work is only a tiny portion of my life here in Bloomington. Over the past four years, I have definitely learned that college is the sum of your experiences during your four (or five or six) years there. Therefore, here's to my final semester!

When I'm not studying (that's for you Mom and Dad), I spend most of my time working with the Indiana University Student Foundation (IUSF). Last year, I found myself lucky enough to be selected for the 2011-2012 Steering Committee of IUSF! If you don't know about IUSF, I'll give you one hint: Little 500. For the past 62 years we have been putting on the World's Greatest College Weekend to help raise money for working student scholarships. My time with IUSF has shaped who I am today, and I have had an absolute blast working with the Little 500. I hope to give you a bird's eye view of a wonderful student organization, as well as front row seats to the 25th Running of the Women's Little 500 and the 62nd Running of the Men's Little 500!

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