Fall Fashion Favorites!

Hey Guys! 

With only a couple days left till Welcome Week everyone is busy running around shopping for back to school clothes and dorm accessories.  If you've never been in Bloomington during the fall you're in for a treat. When it comes to clothes, I live for comfort.  Anything that keeps me cozy, warm, and looks better than the food stained sweatpants I wear around my house, is for me! 

 I've compiled a list of fall "must haves" that will make your wardrobe "fall ready" and keep you looking great on your walk to class without being terribly uncomfortable! 

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1. Leggings

These pups will be your best friend when you wake up with only 10 minutes before class starts. Easy and, with the right top, cute!  If you're going for the plain black leggings make sure to spend a couple extra bucks for those extra layers of fabric.  Nobody wants to see that bright pink thong you're rocking every time you bend over!  Keep it classy ladies. 

If you're feeling a little more bold, try a pair of pattern leggings! This is an easy way to dress up a super comfy outfit!

Some ideas:

2.  Cardigans

One thing you'll learn quickly at IU is that whatever the temperautre is outside, it is the complete opposite in the classrooms.  You may be sweating on your walk to class but once you sit down at your desk you'll start to experience mild hypothermia.  Make sure to wear layers no matter what season!

Cardigans are perfect to throw in your bag so you're not shivering in class!

Some ideas:  

3.  IU Sweatshirts! 

Fall means perfect sweatshirt weather.  If you're feeling lazy you can always throw on a comfy IU sweatshirt and be looking great! It is totally acceptable to be rocking that Cream & Crimson 365 days a year. If you have any Purdue or Kentucky apparel, make sure to burn it before you step on campus.. Nobody wants to see that. 

Some ideas: 

4. Maxi Skirts

This miraculous article of clothing might be my all time favorite.  This gives a clean and cute look while still being super comfortable.  Keep your legs warm in those chilly classrooms but keep you cool while walking around campus. They are perfect for warm fall days!

Some ideas: 

5. Sunglasses 

No matter what season, it is always great to have a pair of these on hand.  There's nothing worse then rolling out of your bed for your 8:00 am class and having the sun blinding you.  Make sure to keep a pair in your bookbag, purse, house, EVERYWHERE! 

Some ideas:

6. Raincoat

Getting stuck in the rain can be fun sometimes but for those of you who aren't so fond of the wet weather make sure you have a cute raincoat you can rock on those dreary days.  It's awful having to sit through a two hour class in soaking wet clothes!

Some ideas:

7. Scarves

There's nothing easier than slapping on a scarf to dress up an outfit!  Try one in some of these cute new fall colors.  Whether it be in a light flowy one for a warm day or a chunky knit for those colder mornings, they are all adorable!

Some ideas:

8. Keds

These will be your best friend during tailgate and basketball games.  I recommend getting a pair of cheap little sneakers you can wear to the tailgate fields so you don't have to worry about your shoes getting ruined... cause trust me, they WILL get ruined out there.  These are great for theme parties too!

Some (cheap) ideas:

9. Satchel 

An over the shoulder purse will be your life saver.  It's almost impossible to juggle your books, purse, coffee, your phone, and backpack with only two hands. If want to carry a purse, over the shoulders make it easy and you don't have to worry about losing them...Plus...I mean... Indiana Jones wears one soooo..

Some ideas:

10. Finally, Boots!

Whatever you do, make sure your shoes are comfortable... It is so awful having to walk all the way across campus with pestering blisters all over your feet.  I've found that boots are the best option. Perfect for every season and all types of weather! ... and they're so cute!

Some Ideas:

Hope you have a happy fall!

Go Hoosiers!

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