10 Things To Do Before You Move-in to IU!

Only a couple days left until move in! (HALLELUJAH) If you're like me, you are counting down the hours before you move to Bloomington. But take advantage of the time you have at home while you still can.. I've compiled a list of things you should do before you start an amazing year! 

1. Clean Everything! 

Dragging dusty books into an already stuffy dorm will only make things worse.  Plus why not let mom do a couple more loads of laundry before all your whites turn pink after you forget to separate your colors.  

2. Enjoy some cuddle time with your pets 

Snuggle up to Fluffy while you still can, trust me you're gonna miss your furry friends. 

3. Leave the drama

It's time to grow up... at least a little bit.  Leave all that high school drama in the past. It's not worth your time anymore. 

4. Shop!

College is all about trying new things! So go get that crazy pair of pants that you weren't daring enough to wear in high school. Chances are you'll get tons of compliments when you rock your individualistic style on campus. 

5. Sleep Sleep Sleep!

Once classes start, you'll be trading cups of coffee for hours of sleep. Enjoy it while you still can. 

6. Savor those home cooked meals

Even though ramen noodles and warm beer makes a great meal, after a couple weeks you'll be missing your moms fresh cooked dinner. 

7. Do a cleanse

Especially for those of you over 21. You're body may be facing a great deal of toxins in the upcoming months. Try to refresh those organs now.

8. Lock in some family time 

No matter how crazy they drive you now, eventually you'll miss those nut bags. 

9. Tech in Check 

Make sure that all your electronic devices are working properly and repair them while you're still at home if you can.  Avoid having to make that 3 mile bike ride to the Mac Experience in 90 degree weather with your laptop strapped to your back - it's not fun. 


You're about to be back at the best school in the nation! GO HOOSIERS!!
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About The Author
Elisabeth BellClass of 2015

Hey there Hoosiers! My name is Elisabeth Bell and I'm currently a Junior at the greatest school on this planet.  I am pursuing a degree in Informatics with a focus in Journalism and minors in Psychology and Cyber Security...weird mix, right? I spent my freshman year exploring the school and different programs, I fell in love with so many of them I couldn't just pick one!  

I served as the President of the Indiana University Figure Skating Team during the 2012-2013 season and I am currently the treasurer of the team! I have been a competitive figure skater for the majority of my life.  

I do a lot of embarrassing things.  If you see a girl tripping up the stairs, walking into stop signs, or accidently stumbling into the men's bathroom, it's most likely me. Feel free to point and laugh at me.  I probably deserve it.