Making the Most of Yourientation

That's code for "Your Orientation." Ha! See how creative I can be? 

...Moving on.

I'd first like to congratulate you on becoming a HOOSIER!  That's why you're reading about orientation, right? Let me be one of the first to welcome to one of the largest and greatest families around.  You're going to love it.

Now, onto the important stuff: Yourientation!  Don't worry about what's going to happen or if you need to sign up for physics (you don't) or finite (you do).  Yourientation is a great experience, and one that is the smallest taste of the life you're about to gain.  However, the point of this post is to let you know that orientation isn't the same for everyone. And it shouldn't be.  

When you get there and check in, you'll get a nice red lanyard and drawstring bag loaded with stuff.  If you choose to stay in the dorm  (DO IT! It's a creepy kind of great.) for the night, you'll even get a small glimpse at the life you'll be living freshman year.  

Lastly, you'll get a schedule of alllll the things going on during Yourientation.  I'm not telling you to disregard it, because that's a huge no no.  But by no means feel like you must stick to it, hour by hour.  IU brands itself on the fact that students can customize their college experience.  Why not do the same with Yourientation?

What I'm trying to say is, experience IU and Bloomington.  There's more to Yourientation than registration and picking classes.  I made a good friend on my way to the French placement exam.  We exchanged numbers and hung out later that night with a couple of others.  Instead of going on the guided night tour, we decided to make our own way through campus, getting lost on our way to Kirkwood (which I now laugh at because it's impossible). We had a ridiculously fun time seeing things on our own.  I'm still friends with this girl today, we've tailgated and had class together.  I left Yourientation with my first real memory with "college friends."  And I don't regret skipping out on that guided tour whatsoever.

So, my advice to you during YOURientation is to make an adventure of it.  I know it sounds cliché but take it from a senior: college will be the greatest years of your life.  Don't wait to start making memories.  And don't be scared to stray from the norm!

Last minute Yourientation advice from yours truly:

  • ID pictures are taken early in the morning on the second day.  Don't do anything exotic to your hair or make up.  Oh, and don't wear a tube top, you'll look topless.
  • I understand most of you haven't had the freedom to schedule your classes. Pro tip: don't schedule your classes back to back if you're going from one end of campus to the other.  It's a hassle.  On the other hand, if you're scheduling breaks between classes, go for at least 2 hours.  Anything less is a waste of time.  After walking home from class and fixing food, it'll be time to leave again (better make it something to go).  You'll also not have enough time to nap or do homework in less than 2 hours.  Promise.
  • If you're unsure of your major, pick an array of classes.  It'll help you figure out what you're interested in.
  • Make friends!  Everyone is feeling socially awkward, not just you.  This is a fresh start.  Use it.
  • Go eat somewhere on Kirkwood or downtown with your parents.  I suggest Village Deli or Malibu Grill. Yum!

Now go have the best Yourientation ever.

Senior Speechin,


Sometimes, it's simple.  We. Are. IU. Welcome to it!

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Emily AlfordClass of 2015. Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management major. Journalism certificate.

5th Year Senior at Indiana University. Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management major with a certificate in Journalism. Dog Owner. Sorority Member. Texas Intern. Social Media Afficionado.  People Watcher Extraordinaire. Dreamer & Doer. Hoosier Native, Small Town Girl. Friendly Face. :)