Wait... How Do You Pronounce That? Meet Duyen.

Hello readers of WeAreIU! Now I know you all are wondering who this awesome new blogger is. So, I'll help clarify that with a quick post about myself!
Also, as you're reading this post, enjoy the picture of my friend Kimmy and I at a Red Carpet Day during our senior year in high school!

Now to address the biggest concern most people have upon meeting me, how to pronounce my name. I've gotten anything from "doo-yen" to "Dwayne". It's sadly not phonetic, so don't worry about not knowing how to pronounce it, I won't get offended! Promise.
My first name is simply pronounced "Ying", and my last name, "Win". However, if you want to go with a clever nickname instead, go right ahead and use that instead! 

Now, to get you acquainted with who I am as a student! To answer the million dollar question, "What are you majoring in?", I'm a pre-med student majoring in Biochemistry and Neuroscience, with a minor in Financial Literacy, and I'm getting a certificate in the Liberal Arts Management Program (I love LAMP). It sounds like a lot, but trust me it's not because everything overlaps! You just have to put a little more time into planning. But it's awesome because I get a bigger bang for my buck! And like most pre-med students I want to become a doctor and save the world. 

Moving on...

I absolutely love getting involved! I'm probably too involved for my own good, but if you love something do it! I'm involved within the Hutton Honors College as a Freshman Mentor and I serve on the Hutton Honors Council Association as the Co-President of the Off-Campus Council. Also, that huge building called the Indiana Memorial Union, well I'm on the Union Board. Specifially the Films Committee, so I help select those free weekend movies every week (yay for free stuff!). I'm also an initiated member of Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity. Yes, I said fraternity. That does mean that I'm an official bro. My favorite place to volunteer at is Wonderlab because I get to do science experiments with kids! Speaking of kids, I am involved with Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM) as a Marketing Chair and everything we do is for the kids (FTK!). Lastly, I'm an IU Student Ambassador/Hoosier Guide, or more commonly known as a campus tour guide!

And here are some other "fun" facts about me! I hail from the all wonderful Fishers, IN. Or for you out-of-staters, the northeast suburbs of Indy. I love food, especially bacon. I can play the ukulele, but not that well. I love laughing and being told a great story. My Mac has a Batman decal on the apple because I'm a dork like that. Some of my favorite shows include Scrubs, HIMYM, Arrested Development, and (I'm embarassed to admit this) Pretty Little Liars. My favorite colors are purple and Tiffany blue. And I love the fall.

Well, that's me in a nutshell... or two.

About The Author
Duyen NguyenClass of 2016, Pre-Med Student, Starbucks Enthusiast & Professional Pinterester

I am a sophomore at Indiana University pursuing a double major in Biochemistry & Neuroscience with a minor in Financial Literacy, and I'm also in the Liberal Arts Management Program (I love LAMP!). I want to become a physician, then hopefully one day work as a hospital director! 

I absolutely love getting involved on campus! Joining different clubs and organizations is my kryptonite. I'm an initiated member of Alpha Phi Omega, which is a national service fraternity. I'm also involved in Indiana University Dance Marathon (FTK y'all!), Indiana Memorial Union Board, Hutton Honors College, and maybe you've seen me around campus leading some tours because I am a Hoosier Guide, as well!
Can't wait to share all my trials and tribulations with you all!