Students for a Cause: Red Light Campaign

One of the best things about IU is that people here are passionate about changing things they don’t agree with and making an actual difference in the world, not just talking about doing so.

This February, I’ve had the opportunity to attend a couple of events put on by the Red Light Campaign, which is a group made up of many Christian organizations on campus that decided to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking. 
Here’s a great video that was made to promote the campaign—it really gives some mind-blowing facts about how many people are enslaved in the sex-trade industry; many incredibly young and horribly exploited.
Powerful stuff, right? Two million children are in the human sex trade, which is more than all the children in Indiana. I’m glad that students here are aware of the issue and are doing something to both raise money and make other people realize how fortunate we are to be at Indiana University, and even to live in this country.
I had the opportunity to attend an event called “What’s Porn Got to Do With It?” that discussed how the pornography industry is interconnected with the sex-slave industry. Here’s a quick rundown of some interesting things I heard:
- 95% of porn on the internet is made by amateurs, only 2% to 3% of porn made actually employs people who make a sustainable living through porn.
- Porn is sometimes used by sex-slave traders to train children or women who are being trafficked on “what to do” with their clients.
- The Super Bowl is a huge event that is a magnet for the sex industry, and therefore victims of sex-trafficking
The event also displayed these boards that were worn by members of the Campaign on campus all day, which asked for opinions on questions like “Is Porn A Moral Issue?” and “Pornography: Affliction or Recreation?” It was interesting to see the opinions of fellow students.
College has definitely pushed me outside of the “high school bubble” I spent a fair amount of time existing in. There are people here from many different backgrounds, with different journeys that brought them here, and lives that are very different than mine. I think that this diversity really makes students at Indiana University consider what goes on in the world around them more than the average individual. Campus Coalition Against Trafficking is another student organization on the IU campus that is committed to eliminating modern slavery, and would be a great thing to get involved in. We have the ability to change horrible situations like sex trafficking, so why not start now?  
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