Mackenzie: Get to Know Me in Two Minutes

Name: Mackenzie Touby
Likes:  Reading, magazines, organization, writing, my Kindle, my family, friends who understand me, tough love, food, gift cards, shopping, hats humor, laughing, making lists, planning events,  singing, libraries, forgiveness, grace, true love (God’s kind), watching basketball on TV, musicals, traveling, classics, red, Michael Bublé.
Dislikes: Roller coasters, changes in the plans, my apathy, screaming, excessive excitement, music I can’t understand, pets, babysitting/holding babies, illogical feelings, running, sweating, focusing too much on stuff that doesn’t matter.
General Statement About Myself:
I’m a Journalism and Public Relations major, with a minor in Spanish and Apparel Merchandising. I'm from Mason, OH. I’m also a follower of Jesus Christ, and most of the time I really suck at it, but the great part about it is that He’s already forgiven me and I grown a little bit each day. It’s the most awesome relationship I have! I'm involved with a couple different student organizations: Cru, PRSSA, Media Scholars. I have a truly amazing family and some great friends who have stuck with me through a lot of ranting and raving. I’ve recently gotten into cooking because I have Pinterest and it makes me believe that I can repaint furniture, make complicated recipes, and sew . . . Even though I can’t do any of that.
 I’m trying to figure out college life even though I’ve been here for a while. I’ve decided to stop being a cynical grumpy-pants and start looking for the good things in life. I have some great friends and time to really enjoy Bloomington and IU. I don’t promise to always be positive, but I do promise to try really hard! I want to take advantage of great food, free exercise classes (those have to go together), people to meet, and events that happen almost constantly. I hope in the process of me figuring it out, you might get a little taste of how awesome life can be here if you just go for it without expectations.
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