Eating My Way Through Bloomington: Falafel

One of my goals for my time in Bloomington is to eat at every restaurant I can afford. Or maybe even some I can’t afford.
I’ll make it work. Regardless, the variety of cultures and their respective types of food around Bloomington is awesome, to say the least. I've tried food here that I didn't even know existed when I lived at home, and I love it. I think that's an upside to the college life. 
I’ve been to quite a few, so I’ll have to catch you up a little bit (keep an eye out for a gushing post about Taste of India, probably my favorite).

Falafel Menu

My most recent adventure took me and two of my roommates to Falafel. A falafel is a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas or fava beans and originates from the Middle East. I am aware that deep-fried chickpeas sounds a little questionable, but I promise it is delicious. However, on this trip I decided to forgo the falafel, and instead went for the Beef and Lamb Shawarma and it was delicious.
Basically they stuff beef and lamb shaved from the bone into pita bread with hummus and lettuce, and in my case, some bleu cheese.
Another important thing about Falafel . . . their fries are seriously awesome and on Mondays you can get free fries with your sandwich. There are deals every day of the week, check them out on the website under "specials."
Also, after Falafel, I got to see the new Muppets movie for free at the Union. I cannot get this song out of my head . . . and I’m not really sure if I mind. Are YOU a man or a muppet?
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