About Me

Hello! My name is Dustin Nisley. I grew up in Goshen, Indiana and moved to Kendallville, Indiana when I was 13. My parents still reside in Kendallville and I get to visit every now and then. I have one older brother and will be an uncle for the first time on March 2nd (It's coming up so quickly)!

I am a senior in the School of Social Work here at IU. Currently I work at the GLBT Student Support Services on campus as the Social Work Intern, Volunteer Coordinator, and 'Men Like Us' group facilitator. I am also the co-facilitator of Rainbow Suicide Prevention Task Force. This is a statewide task force and is aimed at suicide prevention specifically focusing on LGBTQ youth.

During the last few years I have been involved in the Marching Hundred with our most recent endeavor being a five minute pre-game show at Super Bowl XLVI! Alongside the Marching Hundred, I am also a member of the Big Red Basketball Band (BRBB) and am looking forward to at least one NCAA tourney in the near future. ;)

I live off campus with a close friend from Marching Hundred and our cat, Ronald Bilius Weasley. I don't have a lot of free time but when it comes up, I really enjoy spending time with my friends, reading, cooking, spending time with my partner, and doing some self-reflections along the way.

I will be graduating in May and living in Bloomington over the summer, but come August, I will be moving to Portland, Oregon. As of right now, I do not have anything lined up, but hopefully that will change sometime soon! Thanks for reading!

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