Making That College Decision


I would first like to congratulate you on deciding to attend college. YOU MADE IT!!!! Now if you one of the hundreds of high school students that still have not committed to one school, don't worry I'm here to help. So relax and take a deep breath, okay?

Today we're going to talk about making that college decision and how I chose my own college. Now if you plan to apply to Indiana University Bloomington, there are two dates you need to pay attention to; the first is March 10th when you need to submit your FASFA application to be considered for need-based financial aid.  Now, the second date is April 1st, which is an important date because any applications the school receives after this date will only be considered on space available. But if you are reading this post after April 1st don’t worry you can still definitely get into the school; I am a prime example of that.  When I was a high school senior applying for college, I submitted my application to IUB during the middle of April and I was admitted. However, because you are submitting your application after the priority date, you will not know what your housing is until June versus someone who submitted their application before the priority date who will learn where their housing is before May.  But that is just a minor downfall. 

Now if you are a senior who has their college list down to 4-5 universities and you just need to decide which college to go too, then I advise you to make a list and compare cost, location, available majors, student life, activities, opportunities, and campus safety. After you make that list and filled in all of the corresponding information, make a second list of things you are looking for in a college; we're going to call it your want list. For example, say you have two schools and you really want great up- to- date housing, a private bathroom and a large closet and school # 1 has that but it also doesn’t have much of a student life and you well be bored there. School #2 doesn't have the up-to-date housing, a private bathroom or a large closet but it does have everything else you could ever ask for in a college. Now ask yourself are you willing to make sacrifices for certain things? If you are not, than pick the school that match your want list, but if none of the schools on your first list match everything on your want list then it's time to decide what’s more important to you. Establish what you need and what you want. You NEED a school that provides a great academic setting with available academic support. You WANT a dorm with its own bathroom and large walk in closet; it’s a big difference between the two words. Now that we have established the difference between want and need, I think you will make the right decision of choosing your future home for four years.

Why did I choose Indiana University Bloomington as my home? I choose IUB because out of the 6-8 schools I was admitted to, IUB was the only in-state school I applied too and was also the only school where my decision to attend wasn’t affect by external forces (ex-boyfriend). Also, IU was the only school where my education would be 98% paid for. Though I didn’t research IUB as thoroughly as I did the other colleges I applied to, I am happy with my choice of college. IUB has everything I could ever ask for in a university of this size.  So, again I would advise all of you who’s trying to make that decision of what college to go to, really think about what you NEED and what you WANT and find the best college that equally fits your needs and wants.

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