All About Me :)

Hi! My name is Dariona Lewis and I am from Gary, IN and I graduated from Lew Wallace High School class of 2011. I am currently a freshman, but a sophomore by credit and I think have a great well rounded college life here in Bloomington, IN! I am majoring in Anthropology (pre-med) and possibly minoring in biology, physic, and chemistry, and archeology. Though I am taking a heavy course load of class I still have time for a job at Indiana University Art Museum that's located on campus, volunteering from time to time, hanging with friends and the occasional party while still making good grades in class.

This blog is going to be about my journey through the college years and also informing you about student life. I will cover admissions, study techniques, financial aid, classes, and everything else academic. Also I will be sharing my experiences about the social aspect of college, parties, friends ,exploring the city of Bloomington, and the things I experience on a daily basis. I cant wait to help you learn more about IUB from a minority standpoint and own experiences.

Feel free to contact me at any time on here, Facebook - Dariona Lewis or email at

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