Let Me Tell You How I Conquered Fears of Changing my Major

So Much Stress

The one thing that others could do that always stressed me out was changing your major over and over again. I hear stories from friends and classmates where they were in a major for as little as two months only to change it again, and it shocks me.

Because I went into college with a very determined mindset about what I wanted to study, I couldn’t quite grasp this concept.

  • How could people stay on track with their classes?
  • How did they make sure they were still graduating on time?
  • How did they make sure to get all of their necessary classes out of the way and still look impressive to future employers?

I don't know what employers actually look for in recent graduates. I assume skill plays the main factor. A rich resume. Doing well on any examinations that are needed to be taken (for example, to be an actuary you have to take 9 different exams that cover statistics, mathematics, and economics and finance).

So changing majors so flimsily probably doesn’t affect you all that much. Your advisors are certainly accepting as long as you’re not a second semester senior or something.

But for me, changing from a BS to a BA in mathematics was in itself stressful. Adding on a journalism certificate? Definitely something I want but still just as stressful. For a while last semester I wanted a Psych minor. I had even signed up for the intro psych class, only to realize that I didn’t have time for that with a BS in math and a BA in English. But now even that clearly isn’t the path I’m going to take. But the hardest thing is making sure that I can still meet all of the requirements by my second semester of senior year.

So Many Opportunities

The thing about college and being around people who are all generally excited about the things that they are studying is that you have an infinite number of possibilities. One day you wake up and realize that you would love to be a sociology major and the people around you will be completely supportive. This is great but also incredibly nerve-racking. The practical side of me always questions this because what if I don't achieve a good career with this degree.

I mean, I’m an English major, and that has one of the worst reputations above Art History and Philosophy. I realize the risks I’m taking in choosing this to be my main focus major, but I'm also excited. The wonderful thing about advisors is that they can tell you all of the possible careers you could get to with your major, and it gives me plenty of hope.

The Take-Away

Basically, the take-away is this: Think about what you enjoy the most. Explore classes and declare a major you love and stick with it. Chances are you will find a career you love with that degree. Know that you will generally find support from your peers no matter what major you choose, but be sure to work hard for it. College is a fantastic time, but as someone who is always looking at the possibilities of the future, I know that college is just the path to getting exactly where I want to be.

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About The Author
Dimana TzvetkovaMath and English major

Hey! I'm a class of 2016 student majoring in English and Mathematics with the hopes of getting a concentration in Creative Writing and a Certificate in Journalism. My goal one day is to become an editor for a publishing company.

Besides studying, I work part time at The Boys and Girls Club, blog, and write fiction. I am also currently an undergraduate instructor for Introduction to Computer Science.