Spy v. Spy

Your mission if you choose to accept it... is to find your target before the end of the night.

Yes, we are talking about spy night. It's one of the monthly  theme nights the Ballroom Dance Club hosts, and it's free to all members. Tonight is spy night, so 50 of our favorite dancers are dressed as spies and learning the tango, and of course, there is a game of assassin. No, we aren't really killing people, it's a mixer and competitive game in one. 

This monthly theme night brings Hoosiers together for a night of fun and dance. We've had spies and secret agents, speakeasies, decades, a luau and many other themes. We rarely have the same theme twice. This student organization is one of the most popular on campus due to these shindigs. The club has students from all walks of life: musicians from the Jacobs School of Music, Kelley School of Business graduate students, Greek students, new dancers, and competitive dancers that represent IU in competition.

Just a quick glimpse into our Thursday nights! If you're visiting come check us out... we're always in HPER 171 at 8:30.

About The Author
Devyn ManschotArts Management, 2013, Chicago IL

I'm Devyn Manschot, Arts Management Class of 2013 (graduating early! yipee!). Originally from the Chicago area, I've been involved all over campus, from the Hutton Honors college to the Ballroom Dance Club. I love to dance and have a strange affinity for accounting.