Set It Off 2012 (Dance at Indiana)

Friday Friday! Getting down on Friday!

Alright, so Friday rolls around, and you want to go out with friends. One great thing about Bloomington is that there are tons of free or low cost performances. This past Friday was Set It Off 2012, run by Hip Hop Connexion at IU. It was a dance showcase at the Buskirk Chumley Theatre in town and featured all types of dance including Hip Hop, Ballroom, and Break Dance. Most performers were students at IU, who braved the day's weather to be there for a 7pm show... (for those of you not in the area, we had a tornado warning that evening until 6:45).

Here is the set from the IU Ballroom Dance Company. Many of these groups start students from the beginning and teach them to dance. In our company, there are only about 4 performers who had ballroom dance prior to this year. Yup, most of the company is brand new. Indiana is a great place to learn something new, and most clubs really enjoy teaching "beginners".

BTDUBS! In the video, I am the short blonde dancing with the really tall blonde guy (if that helps at all).

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Devyn ManschotArts Management, 2013, Chicago IL

I'm Devyn Manschot, Arts Management Class of 2013 (graduating early! yipee!). Originally from the Chicago area, I've been involved all over campus, from the Hutton Honors college to the Ballroom Dance Club. I love to dance and have a strange affinity for accounting.