Who's this guy?

Hey everyone! I'm David and I'm one of the many, many freshman in the class of 2016. I come from a small town in Northwest Indiana (yeah, that place in Indiana that is in Chicago time and just gets absorbed by Chicago) called DeMotte. Wait, it gets better--my high school is in a town called Wheatfield where we grow corn and beans...not wheat. 

In terms of what I'm doing at IU, I'm planning on majoring in Germanic Studies and Linguistics with a minor in Second Language Studies. Yeah, needless to say, I like languages. I'm planning on making Rec Sports my good friend (have to avoid the Freshman 15) and maybe even getting a little volleyball action on. Oh, and probably some music in the wonderful, world-renowned Jacobs School of Music. All of this on top of having the greatest college experience ever--meeting tons of people and attending the greatest school ever!

Here I'll be sharing my wonderful experiences of life at IU and all of the tips and tricks I learn along the way. Feel free to practice your social networking skills--friend/message me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter!

About The Author
David PhillipsStudent Blogger, Germanic Studies major, Disciple, Class of 2016

Hello everyone! There is so much that I could tell you about me, but one paragraph will have to do the job--so here it is:

I am on track to be a Germanic Studies major as well as a second major in either Linguistics or Speech and Hearing Science. I love life here at IU and life in general! My friends mean the world to me and you will always find me out with some close friends. I'm also a Christian--the most important aspect of my life. I am very active in Cru here at IU and have a great community there as well. Music is another huge part of my life. I am a musician and I love all kinds of music! Recently, I've started vlogging and will be using Youtube to share more experiences at IU and let you watch my vlogs here. If there is something you want to know about, feel free to ask. I'm your guy!