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Essays, exams, testingHello again everyone!!! We are all well into the school year now with a ton of students having exams, organizations getting settled, and having a blast ever day! I know that I have some papers that I am writing and some tests coming up and they take up so much time. Are you feeling like you are just in a slump of exams and papers and school? Do you need some fun in your life? Something to go do with your friends

Have no fear--David is here!!

The weekend is coming up and you know what that means: no classes (and many, many other things)! Sure, you should work on your papers and study during the weekend, but you also need to have fun! College will suck for you if you don't get out once and a while and do something with your friends. The perfect weekend I-want-to-spend-time-with-friends-and-go-do-awesome-things activity is (you already know if you read the title)...... 


Being a student at any university (especially Indiana University) means that you love sports. That's Memorial Stadium at Indiana Universityright, I mean you. Even if you aren't a sports person (I am not a sports person either; it's okay) you will find that you are one. The whole atmosphere is amazing! Right now, it is football season which mean tailgates!!! Okay, tailgates can get really crazy, but there are also alternatives. Some student organizations, like Cru and probably other religious organizations, do their own tailgating (minus alcohol and crazy moshing). This is a great way to have fun before the game and make a whole night out of it. So many sports are going on right now including football, men's and women's soccer, field hockey, and volleyball. IU is pretty much rocking the sports scene right now (to emphasize, our football team is 2-0!!!!! It is going to be an awesome season and we are going to rock it!). If you want to know more about IU athletics, here is their website.

Seeing that this is my blog and I am talking about sports, I think it is a great time to introduce you to my YouTube channel. I am starting to vlog (even though I haven't since the last home football game) and will even be doing collaboration videos with other IU YouTubers. Here's a vlog from the Men's Soccer game against Clemson (YouTube formatted it weird, so if you hate shaky video, I would move on):

And here is a vlog from a women's volleyball game and the first football game versus Indiana State!

So, feel free to share my vlogs with your friends so that they can see how awesome IU athletics is! Follow me on twitter, Facebook, subscribe to my channel, all that jazz! I'll be back soon--good bye!!


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