Welcome Week, Involvement Fair, Classes, OH MY!!!!!

Hello again, loyal followers! It's me back with another update on what is happening at Indiana University! Classes are in full swing, the beginning of the year activities are coming to an end, and all of the many Freshman are settling in just fine. What all has been going on, you might ask? Well, frankly, a crap ton of stuff! There are always different things going on around IU, so you can't ever be bored! Here's a little bit of what Welcome Week and the beginning of the school year have to offer.

From the moment Welcome Week begins, #hoosiernation is in full swing! This week of fun and awesome times begins with the Freshman Induction ceremony on Wednesday. IU President Michael McRobbie offers some welcoming words and advice, while students will officially make the Indiana Promise. What a better way to start out your time at IU than by pledging to, basically, be the best student you can--inside and outside the classroom.

Once the Freshman Induction ceremonies end, Welcome Week is official! So many activities are jam packed into one week! Traditions & Spirit of IU, Midnight Madness, CultureFest, and, on top of all of that, meeting everyone on your floor and as many people as possible. Here is a break down of those events:

  • Traditions & Spirit of IU: A HUGE pep rally to start of the school year right with loads of IU spirit! Cream and Crimson!!!
  • Midnight Madness: Do you think you forgot something at home? Head to Walmart on Friday at midnight. Do you want to go hang out with a ton of college students in one concentrated area? Go to Walmart. Do you want to see some crazy stuff like a mechanical bull, giant Twister, etc.? I think you get the idea. Walmart. Midnight. Great times.
  • CultureFest: IU has a ton of diversity on campus. To celebrate that, we hold CultureFest with tons of live entertainment, FREE FOOD, and other great times. It is a great way to spend some time with friends and enjoy IU. This year, people even sprinted home to make it back before the storm fully hit!

After Welcome Week finishes, classes begin. Yeah, yeah *great times*.......let's move on shall we?

Finally, at the end of the month, the Involvement Fair takes place! Students can come out to learn about many of the student organizations and sign up for more info. The wonderful WeAreIU.com also made an appearance!

<--Here is my friend Brooke and I at the WeAreIU.com table! By the way, check out her blog here. She writes some pretty great blogs!

Here are some pictures of the involvement fair so you can see how many people were there--even at the end of the Involvement Fair!

So, moral of the story, the beginning of the year here at IU is amazing!!! Make sure to make the most of every day here!

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