Move In Like a BOSS!!! Indiana University

So, you are going to be moving in and you start to wonder, am I doing this right? First off, this is no trick that you have to practice. Moving in is a wonderful first step that will be the beginning of your journey to college!

Before you can even move in, you have to make sure that you have all of your stuff! Just remember: You don't need to freak out if you feel like you are forgetting something. Checking your whole house 3+ times without finding anything probably means that you have everything you need. But what if you don't know what all you should bring. Here are some tips that will let you know what you need to bring to IU:

  • Check the RPS website! If IU thinks that you need to know something, they are surely going to post it. They even have a whole Move In Guide for your convenience listing all things you will definitely need, the stuff you might need, and those things you just need to leave at home. Hey, doing a little construction in your spare time may be something you want to do, and celebrating with fireworks is completely American, but leave the prohibited stuff at home.
  • Hooks: In your dorm room, you will need to make good use of the space you have. Sometimes, you just wish you could hang your things (like towels, calendars, etc.) all over the place. Well, that might be a little overboard, but hooks like Command Hooks are wonderful! Even better, they leave no residue and will not damage anything, so RPS will love you even more!
  • Organization tools: Okay, so organizing wasn't my greatest strength in high school or ever for that matter, but college is a new beginning, so I might as well try......have some faith in me. One tool I bought at Kohl's to help me was "Hanging Sweater Shelves" a.k.a. shelves that fit in your closet/built-ins that can hold T-shirts, light shoes, sweaters, whatever! As I was unpacking, I was so glad that I had this! Your roommate will appreciate your neatness, too!
  • Personal objects: Now this doesn't mean that humongous teddy bear that is as tall as you are, but come on: IU is your new home, so make it your home. Being a Christian, I brought my Bible and then a few German books (I know, I know...but I am a German major). I'll probably start hanging up pictures pretty soon, just to bring some more life into my room. Bring some pictures, your Build-a-Bear, a pillow pet, a night light....well, maybe not that last one, but you get the point.
  • A Good Attitude: It may sound kinda corny but it's completely true. As you will hear from family and other bloggers here on, all of the incoming freshman are new. Yeah, they may have come with some friends from back home, but may I remind you of the total number of students on campus: around 43,000. Don't expect everyone to miraculously know you because it isn't going to happen. Go into your first year (or even returning years) knowing that you won't know everyone. When I moved in, I sat with an international student from China at dinner--that was super awesome! You will never know where you will find a friend (I'm just full of cliches!)

Though I am neither an Interior Design major nor do I claim to be one, here are some pictures of how clean my space is after unpacking:

Well, that's all for now. Check back during Welcome Week for some awesome blogs by me and the rest of the bloggers; I can't wait to share my first Welcome Week! Feel free to add/message me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter!


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Hello everyone! There is so much that I could tell you about me, but one paragraph will have to do the job--so here it is:

I am on track to be a Germanic Studies major as well as a second major in either Linguistics or Speech and Hearing Science. I love life here at IU and life in general! My friends mean the world to me and you will always find me out with some close friends. I'm also a Christian--the most important aspect of my life. I am very active in Cru here at IU and have a great community there as well. Music is another huge part of my life. I am a musician and I love all kinds of music! Recently, I've started vlogging and will be using Youtube to share more experiences at IU and let you watch my vlogs here. If there is something you want to know about, feel free to ask. I'm your guy!