IU: The Land of Opportunity

Land of Opportunity=America...what? Yeah, America may be known as the Land of Opportunity, but that's not what I'm talking about. This land is known as the world of college (more specifically, Indiana University).

Choosing a college is one of the many wonderful struggles you will face in life. Family ties, academics, sports, location (as in distance away from those family ties), and opportunities all have factors in your college decision. How can you know that you chose the right one? First of all, if you chose or are choosing IU, rest assured--you chose the right one. Before I tell you why IU is the greatest school ever (even though it shouldn't need explaining), I'll share a little of my college-search story. So, if you just want to see all of the great things about IU, feel free to scroll down.

It all started in August of 2011--the college search was on. I was struggling with all of the applications and application essays that I had gotten myself into (about 8). From there I narrowed down my choices: University of Michigan, Indiana State University, Northwestern University, and Indiana University. My original plan was going for Music Education, which made being accepted to IU's Jacobs School of Music a dream. Audition after audition was stressful and when the time came, I was only accepted to one music school...depression. Some long hard thinking, as well as the very nice IU Excellence Scholarship, led me to changing my major to Germanic Studies and locking in to IU. DEUTSCHLAND!!!!!!

Why was IU so important to me that I would change my whole plan and come here? Obviously, my scholarship helped a lot (I'm sure the Office of Admissions got tired of me calling to check on my scholarship status). But there was so much more that I knew, discovered, and am still discovering:

  • Study Abroad: IU has an amazing Office of Overseas Study! That was the first thing I looked at when I wanted to go to college. So many students have the opportunity to go and so many take that opportunity. Even though I haven't been yet, I would suggest that you look to fit a study abroad in.
  • Academics: 150+ majors and 330+ degree programs for undergrads (Office of Admissions). Oh, and we have an Individualized Major Program. One graduate, Will Shortz, designed a major in enigmatology--the study of puzzles! He is now the crossword puzzle editor for The New York Times!
  • Sports: Um, IU Basketball, duh! Hoosier Nation!! We have also had a history of sending athletes to the Olympics. Here is a list of all IU Olympians through the years. Between HPER classes and working out at the SRSC, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active.
  • Sociality: I'm not sure if that is a word or not, but it is now. There are about 43,000 students on campus and almost 33,000 are undergrads! You can easily meet several new people everyday! Also, we have over 650 clubs and organizations!
  • Greek Life: There are around 65 Greek organizations among 4 different councils. If going GRΣΣΚ is your goal, there is a place for you!

I haven't even scratched the surface of all IU has to offer. One thing I can assure you, students are top priority! Here at IU, campus life and even campus itself is molded by students. If you have something to say, there will always be someone to listen. Indiana University oozes opportunity (even if "oozes" sounds pretty gross). So, if you are an IU student, or are heading to IU this fall like me, you can feel awesome--you chose the best university! 

Welcome Week is coming fast and I know that I will have some great times to share of my first Welcome Week. Fall semester is so close, I can almost taste it! By the way, it tastes like Pizza X bread sticks. Let's get pumped Hoosiers! We have a lot to do if we want to make our mark on this Land of Opportunity!

About The Author
David PhillipsStudent Blogger, Germanic Studies major, Disciple, Class of 2016

Hello everyone! There is so much that I could tell you about me, but one paragraph will have to do the job--so here it is:

I am on track to be a Germanic Studies major as well as a second major in either Linguistics or Speech and Hearing Science. I love life here at IU and life in general! My friends mean the world to me and you will always find me out with some close friends. I'm also a Christian--the most important aspect of my life. I am very active in Cru here at IU and have a great community there as well. Music is another huge part of my life. I am a musician and I love all kinds of music! Recently, I've started vlogging and will be using Youtube to share more experiences at IU and let you watch my vlogs here. If there is something you want to know about, feel free to ask. I'm your guy!