A Simple Guide to Having a Blast on IU's Campus

Hello again, everyone! I'm feeling super ambitious right now so I felt like I should write another blog post! 

I'm just chilling in the (Teter) Boisen 2 lounge and, literally, all I can think of when I'm in here is the awesome times I have with my floor mates! Speaking of, here are some of them (all rallying together to raise support and money for an organization that one of our floor mates told us about (if you want to know more, they are The Izzy Foundation):

So, you may be wondering, what does this have to do with Indiana University? I am willing to say, it has everything to do with IU!!! First off, there are a ton of things to do all the time (as I said in my previous blog)! Along the lines of getting together for The Izzy Foundation, there are so many philanthropic organizations. Greek life is completely into philanthropy and so are a ton of other organizations (like IUDM, one of the largest-student run organizations in the nation).
Along the lines of having a great time, there are always so many fun things to do. Go out with friends, join a club, eat (it's proven, food brings people together), whatever! Crazy shenanigans can happen when you are with a ton of great friends (those shenanigans that have absolutely no 'substances' involved are the best because everyone  is on the same page). Here are some of our shenanigans that happen when some Boisen 2-ers go out for Noodles & Co.
Moral of the story, there are a ton of awesome things to do always. Spend time with the people on your floor because you live with them! If you live off-campus, hang out with your roommates and neighbors.
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