What is the EdCert Program at IU?

EdCert actually stands for Education Certification and is a UITS sponsored program. These courses are high-quality technical training courses that departments, technical staff, IU students and faculty can all take a part in. They are specifically targeted towards people who are interested in preparing for industry standard professional certification exams.

Wow, that was a lot of fancy mumbo jumbo--let me lay it all down for you. Basically, if you're looking to take a giant step in the technical world with some amazing training that can help you out whether you're on a computer daily or not, then EdCerts could be a great option for you. There are tons of topics to choose from including, "Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client," "Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures," "EdCert on Skillsoft," and much, much more. 

Another question that comes up a lot is - "who can take these EdCert courses?" According to the IT Training website, the Microsoft Windows server and desktop courses (which are taught using the Microsoft Official Curriculum - MOC) use licensing restricted course-ware. For this reason, these courses can only be taken by people in one of the following groups.

  1. Local computing support providers (Indiana University LSPs that are registered with LSP services)
  2. Technical support staff (including all UITS staff)
  3. Students who are currently enrolled in an academic class at Indiana University
  4. Faculty who teach advanced technical skills to their students

This list only applies to the Microsoft course; however, all other EdCert courses can be taken by anyone! The majority of these classes are taught at Indianapolis on the IUPUI campus in the main EdCert classroom (IT 125). If you aren't able to attend in person, then there is an option to view these classes live online at the same time.

If you have any more questions about IT Training or the Education Certificates that they offer, check out their website or shoot them an email at ittraining@iu.edu.

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