Picking Your Major at IU? Don't Fret!!

"Oh my gosh, what do I do with my life now?" I am sure a lot of you are asking that question as you try and decide which major is best for you. But, no need to worry--Indiana University has a large range of options out there for you!

First off, let's take a look at available majors at IU.... okay, did you see anything you liked? IU has so many options to choose from. Not only is their list of majors extensive, but IU also has lots of minors, certificates, and other ways for you to focus on multiple interests.

Now, if you didn't find something you were super thrilled about on that list it's okay!! Indiana University offers a unique major titled 'exploratory'. That means that you can take your time going through and taking some classes that interest you, getting in all of your general education courses, and discovering what is going to be best for you. Until you decide exactly what you want to focus on then you will be listed as an exploratory major (and don't worry, there are a lot of you out there). IU is one of the only colleges that offers this major, so if you cannot decide what is the perfect focus for you just yet, then take advantage of the exploratory major and, well, EXPLORE!

What happens if I decide on a major and then change my mind? Good question! Switching majors is super simple (and trust me...I just switched!). However, it is ideal that you try and do all of the switching as soon as possible, therefore, you will still be able to graduate "on time." BUT usually you will have plenty of time. Talk to an advisor about your new found interest and begin striving towards this new major!

I hope I answered at least a couple questions! If you want to learn a little bit more about being an exploratory major then check out this post by Emily Wild: The Perks of Being an Exploratory Major. Also, check back again soon because I plan to post some more major options that I bet you didn't even know were out there really soon!

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