My senior year bucket list

Every year before school starts I make a list of all the things that I hope to accomplish before summer comes again. This year for me is especially important because I will be a senior! That means I have to get all of the fun things out of my system and make sure that I don't miss any opportunity to live up the Hoosier lifestyle.

While I'm excited to live it up, I know this isn't the end of the road for me. I like how Michaella called this a "Tassel List" because that's how I want it to represent my final months here at IU. This list isn't about the final things that I can do, it's only the beginning (wow, that was so cliche--but seriously!!).

I encourage everyone to make a bucket list of their own before the school year starts up again because it reminds you to go out and have some fun, and it gives you fun goals to keep in mind!

Visit your bff on a different campus.

Sadly, hardly anyone from my high school came down to IU with me. This year I plan to take some time to visit them and live the college life at a different school.

Attend a student-run campus theater production.

I've been to shows in the auditorium, but I haven't had the opportunity to see anything put on by the students. I want to go to the dance shows, to a ballet and even to a musical or play!

Have a picnic by the Jordan River.

I've studied by the Jordan River. I've sat and relaxed by the Jordan River. I've even let my dogs walk in the Jordan River. But I'm pretty sure its time to get serious and cute and have a nice and romantic picnic by the Jordan River--anyone up for a date?

Grab coffee with my favorite professor.

Networking is good, and coffee is always good. So this semester I am striving to make more connections with my professors over a good cup o' joe!

Go on a weekend long road trip.

I think its about time that I call myself a grown up and go on a vacation just for the weekend. Maybe I'll take some friends and follow the wine trail, or maybe we'll drive up to an amusement park just for the weekend. Whenever I need a vacation I'm going to take it!

Run all the 5ks possible.

Especially the Nearly Naked Mile! I've actually never ran any races that the school has put on, so now is my time to shine. I'm going to run my little heart out!

Attend an awesome Zumba class.

Well actually, I plan to attend any free class offered over at the SRSC. I can't wait to get my blood pumping and have some fun with lots of friends. Zumba sounds most entertaining to me--but who knows, maybe I'll like a soul cycling class!

Find a full-time job.

I'm going to pull up my big girl panties and make some courageous actions by applying to tons of places that I really want to work and shooting for the stars!

Try every coffee shop in Bloomington.

This is one of my favorite things to do--and, I have yet to try all of the coffee shops! So, I am bound and determined to make my way to all the places in Bloomington before I graduate in May. Do you think I can do it?

All of these goals and bucket list items are totally obtainable, and I can't wait to cross them all off as the school year drags on. Something as simple as a buket list is making me excited to go to school this fall--and, that's saying something. Have you made your bucket list yet?

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