My IU Summer Bucket List

For those of you who aren't taking summer classes, are staying in the Bloomington area, and can not think of anything entertaining to do, I have the perfect summer bucket list for you.

1) Get a Job

I chose to stay in Bloomington this summer because I know that this town has so much to offer; however, sometimes it just takes some coaching in order to find the good stuff. First on the summer bucket list was to get a job. Finding a great summer job that might help boost my resume in the future or even just giving me some awesome experience in the work field was the best way for me to start my summer. Exploring Bloomington for places that were hiring allowed me to become familiar with the area and meet some outstanding people along the way. Trying my best to get hired also gave me some practice in creating a simple resume and filing out more applications. Plus, who doesn't want to get paid so that they can have even more fun later on? Choosing where you work is ultimately up to you, but it's a great way to help get yourself out there--noticed and involved.

2) Read More Books

Personally, I want to read at least 6 because that's a little more than one a month for the entire summer. Not only does reading books make you smarter with a great vocabulary, it's also entertaining! You can read for pleasure, to learn, or to escape. I don't plan to read every prestigious book out there; quite frankly, I don't think I want to even read many difficult books. Reading can be for enjoyment too! Summer is a great time to read; you can lay out and enjoy the sun!

3) Go to the Beach

Did you know there is a lake about 20 minutes away? Well now you do! Nearly everybody enjoys going to the beach during the summer. Here in Bloomington, I have heard lots about Lake Lemon! No, going to the beach isn't going to get you any smarter, or help you gain experience for something in the future, but you need a break!

4) Get More Involved with the School

There are lots of ways to get involved in anything you want at Indiana University. Why not go ahead and see what you can get done from the IU bucket list, or you can check out other peoples' personal IU bucket lists, like Jessica's at My IU Bucket List . Another way you could get involved is by applying to join a research group. The Psychology Department always has a lot of groups working on different kinds of research. And, there are literally tons of clubs at IU, why not join one or two?! I know I plan to.

The list could definitely go on a lot longer about all the things I plan to do this summer in Bloomington. If you want to check out my blog with my full list of everything I plan on doing this summer click this link: Remember, make this summer count no matter where you are. And always keep IU in your heart! 

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