How to Not Look Like a Freshman

Freshman, now that you've been here for a couple weeks you're starting to feel kind of confident, and we are all so proud of you! The next step on your to do list now is to not look like that typical freshman. I hope that my guidelines can help you accomplish that cool upper classmen look you've been tying to achieve!

image of an Indiana university lanyard

Lose the lanyard

The biggest identifiers to who you are on campus can be that lanyard you've been wearing around your neck for days now. If you don't want to be recognized as a newbie on campus anymore, then the first thing you need to do is throw that lanyard in your pocket. Having a lanyard, okay that's fine--but please, don't wear it around your neck.

Use the Crosswalk

Human traffic and car traffic are bad enough without everyone trying to walk across the road. Be a smart freshman and walk properly on the crosswalks--stop, look before you cross, and briskly walk across the street!

Lighten your book bag

I promise you--you will not need your book in class. Okay, maybe I shouldn't make it a definite promise, but I've never once needed my book during a lecture. Give your shoulders a rest and leave your books at your dorm for studying later in the day. If you ever need to bring your book your professor will let you know in advance.

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Use IU Mobile

The worst thing that you could do is whip out a campus map in front of everyone! Go digital with One.IU and have everything you need for the day all on your tiny device right in front of you. The new IU Mobile app doesn't just have a map; it includes things like the bursar, oncourse, canvas, bus tracking, and MORE! This power house app will save you the embarrassment of squabbling with a 3'x3' giant map.

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