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Going above and beyond

You're not a computer science or informatics major? You aren't required to take any computer classes? That's okay, but by adding some technology skills to your resume you may be able to stand out among the crowd. Most recruiters today who are searching for employees are looking at the technical skills that you have no matter what your major is. It's not only about whether you can perform the tasks that people in your field should know how to do, but also if you can do something more, something above and beyond! Why not make that thing technology? Impress your employers by listing that you know InDesign or have a certificate in Office 2013 Productivity.

Some of the best technology skills to list on your resume include HTML, pivot tables, analytics, coding languages like Java, Python and SQL. Good thing for you, UITS at Indiana University and IUPUI offer classes that teach these exact things and they're all free to students, faculty and staff. The IT Training department has an expansive list of workshops, either in person or online, that range from beginner to mega expert. You can sign up to take one workshop, attend a series of workshops or complete a certificate.

My favorite part about IT Training and their workshops is that I can attend in person or online. They offer workshops that are taught either way. Going to take an extra curricular class when you're already busting your booty in college classes doesn't sound like tons of fun to everyone. But, I can definitely tolerate taking an extra online class that only lasts a couple of hours, and I never have to leave the comfort of my bed.

It's really that simple to add technology skills to your resume. The workshops that IT Training offers will give you valuable skills that every major needs; this will all help you stand out when employers are wondering who to hire. Signing up for classes is simple: just go to, find the class you want, log-in and boom! If you want to stay up to date then add IT Training on Facebook and Twitter too!

IT Training graphic which says "IT Training," and displays their twiter, pinterest, and facebook handle as @ittrainingiu

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Danyell is a senior Informatics major at Indiana University. She works for UITS in the IT Training Department as a Social Media Consultant. She is also involved as a Social Media Ambassador for IU, President of the Marketing Technology Club, a Brainscape Ambassador, and an all-around blogger.

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