8 Healthy Study Snacks

Hey Hoosiers!

Summer break can be a time to veg out, relax, and enjoy some much needed time away from school. However, don't forget to keep moving and keep healthy. Sitting on that comfy sofa watching Netflix in the AC is a dream come true--especially if you dormed at Wright. All re-runs you're watching can really make one hungry, but if you eat yourself into a Cool Ranch Dorito coma your waist-line is really going to suffer this coming fall.

Here's my list of the best healthy snacks to keep your stomach flat and your brain smart.

1. Popcorn 

This is a great alternative instead of chips! If you pick yourself up some 94% fat-free Whole Grain popcorn you'll just be consuming 20 calories per cup. Pair this with some fresh pineapple or a bright green apple and it's a perfect salty and crunchy combo!

a bowl full of popcorn

2. Low-fat string cheese

Did you know there are lots of flavors of string cheese? Kraft makes them in 'Sweet BBQ,' 'Tomato Basil,' and 'Cracked Black Pepper!' At only 60 calories and an already portioned serving, this is a great snack.

3. Steamed Edamame

I hadn't even heard of this until the other day, but now it's a snack that I am dying to try. They are shelled soybeans packed with tons of protein--apparently an appetizing replacement for trail mix and nuts. These addicting little beans are only 60 calories per 1/4 cup and will give you the boost of energy and fulfillment you need to get off the couch.

a seasoned bowl of steamed edamame

4. Non-fat Yogurt

The perfect sweet snack with a great balance of protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals. Plus if you add in some fresh fruit you can receive some extra credit (woohoo).

5. Something Caffeinated

Never spend your summer downing energy drinks! Those things have loads of sugar and nasty chemicals that are no good for you body. Try a Skinny Latte or Non-fat Cappuccino for that daily punch of energy you're craving.

6. Oatmeal

On a brisk night when you're needing something warm, try out a bowl of oats. My favorite way to spice up the typical boring blend is by adding some peanut butter and a pinch of splenda. Plus, oatmeal is super simple and quick to cook.

a bowl of cooked oatmeal

7. Popsicles

There's so many fruit flavors that you can stock up on and pull out of your fridge. And lucky for you, the sugar-free kinds are just as delicious and usually under 50 calories--so, have 2!

8. Nature Valley Granola Bar

If you absolutely have to hit up that gas station for a quick snack try one of these. They have a bit more sugar than you might prefer (which will leave you hungry again after an hour or two), but they are a bazillion times better than grabbing that King-sized Snickers.

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