Time flies!

For most of you that are wondering what you will do in Bloomington for the next 4 years (or more), I am here to say that options are not a problem. As a diverse university in the US, Indiana University has a very large community of international students. As a consequence, Bloomington has many ethnic restaurants such as Tibetan, Indian, Greek, Japanese, Turkish and (my favorite) Korean! And all located in the same street (4th street) so you can have lunch in one, dinner in the other, and maybe second round of dessert on the next one.

If you are more of a nature person, then Bloomington is exactly where you should be, hikes around Griffy Lake are beautiful and lunches along the Jordan River are pleasantly nice. If you are more of a homebody person, order Pizza X at almost any time of the day (don’t forget to ask for their brownies).  Indiana University has many attractions as well: go to the IU Museum of Art at night, put your feet up and watch the light show (trust me it is so much more exciting that it seems), take a class at the SRSC  (Kayla’s Cardio Hip Hop are my absolute favorite), read a book by the fireplace at the Union! The university also has many concerts and theater performances that are 100% worth your time! Although it made seem like 4 years in Bloomington may be too much, it is the opposite, 4 years in this beautiful city will NOT be enough! 

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Danielle van der LindenInternational Student Ambassador