Best things to do in Bloomington!

Don’t think that just because Bloomington is a small town there isn’t much to do. In fact, it is the contrary. Here are some of my favorite spots to go:

Indiana University Art Museum

Located within our own school, this Art Museum has many famous temporary art exhibits .

Hoosier national forest and Monroe state forest

For those of you that enjoy nature and wilderness, hiking and picnicking in this park will help calm your mind. Beautiful flowers, plants and animals are seen everywhere and will leave you breathless

Kirkwood Observatory

Stargazing is another option here at Bloomington. With a free admission and no reservations needed to be placed, you can enjoy the view of the sky through a 12-inch telescope.

Little 500 race

Yes ! The largest bike race in the United States is located in Bloomington. It takes place in April and is one of our biggest events. Men and women across all nation and world compete in this exciting race. And the cause? Raising scholarship money for students that need it.

Assembly Hall – Basketball Game

My favorite thing to do? Enjoy a basketball game with some friends. As most of you probably know, IU has one of the best basketball teams of the country. All the games are filled with enjoyment, cheers, excitement and pizza…

Bloomington Community Farmer’s Market

Although waking up for your 8am might seem like a struggle, waking up Saturday morning for this will be more than pleasant.

Baked !

Enjoy the best cookies in town in the most cozy and comfy environment!


About The Author
Danielle van der LindenInternational Student Ambassador