Autumn at IU

Autumn at IU is by far the most beautiful time of the year. The humidity of the summer is almost gone and the temperature is just perfect – not too cold but not too hot. Of course living in Indiana that means cold in the morning, warm throughout the day and cold again at night (but still who doesn’t like to switch outfits throughout the day?). With the perfect temperature, comes all the new fall collections; colors such as orange, red, and brown are all over the campus. Talking about colors, the leaves turn into breathtaking beautiful colors. Runs and walks become so delightful that you will never want to take the bus.

Fall also gives us the best treats! Pumpkins spice everything, from drinks to pies to cookies. What else can we do in fall? Put on a costume and go trick or treating! Halloween is the most exciting and entertaining time of the year. You can pretend to be anyone or anything you want and nobody can stop you. Last but not least: Thanksgiving. What other better way to spend the holiday than to gather the family/friends around the dining table and eat some turkey and pie?

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