An important lesson: the art of balancing

Freshman year can be stressful,but with the right balance of activities: academics, physical exercise, relaxation time and ME time, it can be the most amazing year of your life.

Here are few things that college students tend to stress over: 

  1. Making friends 
  2. Missing home 
  3. Midterms and finals 
  4. Making time for fun 

Everyone is probably in the same situation, trying to make new friends and get to know one another, so don't stress! You'll find your group of friends. Homesick?! Very common, especially during finals or midterms week when you are missing that good homemade food. With all these new experiences and new lifestyle, things can become a little hectic, and you might end up feeling more overwhelmed than you should. Just remember, BALANCE! Set aside time for each activity and make to-do lists. You might think that time management isn't that important, but it's in fact the most important skill that you will hopefully learn in college. So get organized.

Important! Try not to get too carried away with school and exams (I mean study, but don't go too overboard)! You came to college first and foremost for an education, but you also came to college to experience new things and create memorable moments. SO go have fun too! Beware of the freshman 15, it's NOT a myth. Stress and adapting to a new environment can change your eating habits, and may cause you to gain a little of weight. BE CAREFUL of what you eat and make sure to exercise. Exercise will not only allow you to stay in shape, but it will also help you handle stress!

About The Author
Danielle van der LindenInternational Student Ambassador