Single Rooms: Not just for the Weird Kids

Hey Hoosiers!!

For those who are looking at living situations next semester, or next year, don't knock the idea of a single room! The myth of people who request/live in single rooms being weird, antisocial, or not into the "college thing" is so not true.

First of all, 

You get your own room! 

Seriously, you don't have to worry about getting along with your new roommate, because the space is all yours to spend your time freely in, to decorate, and to have friends over. (Or basically no one has to know when you're binge-watching Netflix)

You WILL still meet people. Leave your door open, be friendly, and don't be too shy! It's a great experience. Not that having a roommate is a bad thing, but a single room can be a great alternative to those who may not want to go random. They're also only a little smaller than doubles.

If you want to request a single, DO YOUR HOUSING APP EARLY. Maybe not the day it opens, but soon after, to get top priority. Having a single this year has been a great aspect of living in the dorms for me, and I've loved it but there are just a few drawbacks to be aware of...

It can get lonely at times, like just chilling alone on a lazy day. Also, it is a little more expensive.

Remember, the rooms all differ within each building and neighborhood, and all singles aren't the same. Want more information about single rooms or dorm life in general? Contact me in any of the ways listed below!

Have fun in wherever you choose to live!


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