A Day in the Life

What's an average day at IU like? 

Every Hoosier has a different take, but here's a typical day of a student at IU!

It's a bright and sunny morning in Bloomington! You wake up in Teter Quad, get ready, and go across the street to Wright Food Court. You grab a breakfast buddy, a breakfast staple aka the perfect morning-after-a-long-night food, and you begin your day.

You walk to Kelley for your morning class, and as you pass the zombies walking back from their 8ams, you silently thank yourself for not signing up for such an early class. As you walk into lecture, you try to sit near the least pretentious of the crowd, as you don't wish to hear from that group of people this early in the morning.

2 classes down and it's time for lunch! Back to Wright Food Court for some decent meals and a quick catch-up with your friends. Lunchtime is something to look forward to as a nice break where you can relax with a group of buddies between classes. If you're lucky enough, there's time for a nap before your next class.

Up next, class on the 3rd floor of Ballantine. Go ahead, take the stairs. No one will judge your heavy breathing once you finally make it to your floor. Best of luck.

And you're done for the day! Purdue is in town tonight for the game, and you sure aren't going to miss it!

Don't forget to write that paper for W131, and study for K201...

Goodnight Hoosiers,



About The Author
Daniella WadeSport Marketing & Management Major

Hello all! I’m a sophomore here at IU, coming from New York, and I’m so excited to share my experiences during my time here with everyone. I'm a Sport Marketing and Management major, with minors in Business and Spanish. I've been involved with Student Athletic Board and Sport Marketing Alliance, as well as working with IU Athletics in the Marketing department. Hope y'all enjoy my posts!