The IU IDEA Competition

Over the past few months I have been working on my business plan and presentation for the 2012 IU IDEA Competition. If you have not heard of this event, it is a challenging competition were IU Bloomington students come up with an awesome, profitable business idea for a chance to win $5,000 and direct admittance into the Hoosier Hatchery's Business Incubator. I had two complete weeks worth of research and regular schoolwork at the same time during the past few months, which became very stressful, but it was all worth it.

During the final day of the competition I saw numerous groups of competitors that were just as nervous as I was. We all talked to each other and were very friendly before we presented because we knew no matter who won we all had come a very long way. The judges were a very diverse group of people that consisted of IU alumni, investors, business owners, and other IU Bloomington-related representatives. All of us had to present a two-minute Sales Pitch, and if we made it to the final round, a 5-minute presentation. After presenting my awesome business idea [I can't post it on this site for protective reasons, sorry] I came in 2nd place in the Competition!

It was a great experience overall and I plan starting my business within a few weeks after I continue my research. Please visit the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation's Official Website for more info on the Idea Competition so you or a friend can enter next year!