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As I'm sure all of you know, IU basketball had a huge win last night against number 5 ranked Michigan State.  Being at that game last night and many others (including the incredible Kentucky game) made me realize how amazing college athletics are, especially at Indiana, where it's part of daily life and school culture. Ever since I got to IU, I've tried hard to be as involved as I can by joining groups and doing intramurals, so I can really experience college to the fullest. But nothing has made me feel more immersed in this school than going to sporting events, particularly basketball games (sorry football team, I'm sure you understand).

Coming from a pretty big high school with a good athletic program, I thought college athletics wouldn't be that much different. The fan section being a somewhat small, dedicated group of students who would go to some games and mainly just watch. Boy was I wrong, nothing can compare to it. There's just something about being surrounded by thousands of fellow students who are acting crazy that's indescribable. No matter what, when you're at Assembly Hall, you will act crazy. It's contagious. I've never been so passionate about an organization or school team, and never imagined I would be. But cheering for and supporting your college isn't like being a fan of a professional team. There's so much to it. I've realized that the college you go to becomes a part of you, you identify with and feel a part of it. That's why there isn't anything like college athletics. You feel as if the team is yours and the athletes out there are like your own teammates. And you want nothing more than for them to kick some butt, which luckily for us, they normally do. This is why the craziness of Assembly Hall is contagious, while there, nothing is more important than seeing your team and the athletes that represent you win. Also, and maybe this is just me, but I'd much rather cheer for kids I know, who don't get paid, over spoiled men who demand millions to play (I'm looking at you everyone in the NBA and NFL).  But that doesn't stop me from hoping that the players I do know personally on the basketball team all go on to play in the NBA so I can mooch off of their millions. Totally joking, ish. 

Anyways, bottom line is, if you want to really feel apart of something amazing and want to act insane without anyone judging you, then go to any kind of sporting events. Especially if you're a freshman, it adds so much to the college experience.

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