This is the first time I have had time to get onto the blog in a minute. This past week has been study, study, and participating in my friends 21st birthday. It was a blast. Although I did not get to go to the bars with him I did get to see him off. Next time I saw him he was chowing down on some greasy Rally's.

I do love Indiana University, but sometimes the schoolwork can get overwhelming. This is the first semester I have had the desire to take Science courses, and it has been a change of pace from the past. Be prepared for lots of studying, but fun. This type of stuff (Neuroscience and Biology) is my passion.

Every week or so the Neuroscience club gets together for some interesting discussion on the brain. They always have free pizza and usually a reputable guest speaker. Unfortunately sometimes these get togethers fall on times when an Indiana basketball game is going on, but they also have lab sessions on Fridays where you can dissect a snail brain. I've tried this a failed, but it is an experience I don't always get to have.

The basketball games are always fun too, but anyone who watches them online or through the tube can see that, especially when we flush some blue wildcat out of town and party on Kirkwood.

Here is a quick video about the day today so you can see the great Bloomington weather and life of the Pearl!

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