Tales of an Ice Cream Addict

One of my most favorite places in Bloomington is Hartzell's Homemade Ice Cream on Kirkwood. I am, unashamedly, an ice cream addict, and being an addict entitles me to say that this is the best ice cream shop in the world.

Ok, well maybe not the world, but most definitely in  Bloomington. This is one of the few ice cream shops that has a seemingly infinite amount of possibilities. Whether it is an interesting take on a classic, like their Dirty Vanilla homemade ice cream, or something a little different like the new Cherry Wasabi homemade ice cream, Hartzell's has a little something for everyone. You can make your own flavor of soft serve by choosing from the long list of flavorings that can be mixed in with your ice cream or yogurt. Looking to get a little creative? You can even design your own spinner, similar to a DQ blizzard, with several different types of ingredients, ranging from Apple Jacks cereal to Twix candy bars. My newest combination is vanilla soft serve, bananas, a peanut butter flavor shot, and chocolate chips. YUMMY! As an ice cream addict, I probably consume more ice cream than my waist band appreciates. Luckily, Hartzell's has lighter options for the excessive ice cream enthusiast such as myself. Carbolite soft serve yogurt is sugar free and fat free and only has one carb in every ounce. My new favorite thing is to find the healthiest options on the menu and make a fabulous treat out of them, like chocolate Carbolite soft serve topped with bananas. Lo-cal and delicious!

All the yummy possibilities aside, this place is near and dear to my heart and big part of my college experience thus far. This is where I sit and have great conversations with my girlfriends and share nice evenings with my boyfriend. I make sure that I bring any family and friends that are visiting Bloomington into the shop so that they can see what all my hype is about and most of them agree that it is indeed a great place! Embarrassingly enough, I know most of the employee's and fear that they know me as well since I come in so often, but it's great that there are such friendly faces working there. With it's fun and bright interior and relaxed environment, this ice cream shop is such a fun asset to Bloomington and a place that I will cherish always, even after i graduate.

Be sure to check out Hartzell's when visiting campus and exploring the different restaurants in Bloomington!

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