Tips on Beating IU's Crazy Weather!

It's no secret that Indiana is full of surprises when it comes to weather. This winter, it hardly snowed, but last winter classes were canceled for the first time since 1978 due to an extreme ice storm. Now, it's only March and it has been in the 80's all week. Although this heat wave is a delightful treat after returning from Spring Break, it's uncommon.

The moral of the story is that Indiana's weather is unpredictable and when you have to dress appropriately for walking to and from class, Mother Nature's indecisiveness can be a bit annoying. Hopefully my tips on keeping warm in the winter, being dry in the spring, and staying cool in summer are helpful to any Indiana weather newbies out there or those who are temperature challenged. 

1. Invest in water proof gear.

This sounds obvious, but do not underestimate how annoying it is to spend an entire day in class being wet. Might I suggest rain boots or some form of a water proof shoe and a raincoat with a hood. On those extra windy days when your umbrella has turned inside out, you'll be thankful that your hood is protecting you from an unplanned shower!

2. Do it like the Eskimos!

Although this winter was surprisingly mild, I remember last winter waking up for my 9 AM class and it was 2 degrees out with a wind chill of -11. Sounds great, doesn't it? Those were the mornings I bundled up in my puffy coat equipped with wool mittens and a fleece-lined hat, strapped on my fuzzy boots, and braved the conditions. You can never have too much winter gear. You can always take it off, but once you leave your room, you can't put more back on! Don't be afraid to over prepare and kick it Eskimo style.

3. Be functional.

Some mornings it is 48 degrees and cloudy, but by the end of the day it is supposed to be 62 and sunny. How in the world to you dress for that? Thanks a heap Indiana! Make sure you closet is well equipped with functional items for those unpredictable days. Don't send all your sweaters home at the beginning of March and be sure to leave a few lighter options for those oddly warm October days.

Indiana is unpredictable and it can be frustrating, but check the weather and have a fully stocked closet with options for those extra terrible days. It's amazing how much time you spend outside walking from class to class, dinner, or the gym. With all that time spent outside, it's important to beat the weather and avoid feeling miserable.

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