The Final Frontier: How to Survive Finals

Finals are right around the corner and with that comes high levels of stress for every college student around the country. So if you want to lift the weight off your shoulders and pass your exams here are some ways to do it.

1. Plan, plan, plan. 

The first key to doing well during finals week is to organize yourself. Buy a planner, write out your schedule, and set aside time every day for each subject to study and prepare for your final. Doing this over the course of a couple of weeks will have you prepared in no time. 

2. Divide and Conquer.

After setting aside time and making your study schedule you need to gather the right study materials for each class. Ask yourself if your exam is cumulative, or not. Use flashcards, or other resources to prepare your information If you're looking for a study good study tool, I recommend! Here you can make as many sets of flashcards as you want and it gives you tools to help study, and quiz yourself on them. 

3. Treat Studying As Your Job.

If you're a full-time student. Then this is your performance review. It's your last chance to show how well you've learned the material the past semester. So you need to treat studying like your job. It's one thing to set time aside to study, it's another thing to actually go and study. You wouldn't just skip work right? So don't skip studying for finals. 

4. Isolate yourself. 

This sounds a little scary but trust me it works. Turn off your phone, go to the library, and eliminate all your distractions. Studying is all about focus, and if you lose focus then it's almost as if you've never left square one. It's dead week so pretend like you're dead and disappear into the realm of studying. 

5. Don't overload yourself.

As important as studying is, you need downtime. If you are cramming information into your head 24/7 without any breaks not only will you not remember anything, you may lose your mind. Make time to relax as well as make time to study. 

6. Stay Positive.

The more negative thoughts the higher the chance you have at doing poorly on your exam. Study's show that confidence and positive affirmations to yourself actually help increase your chances of receiving higher grades on exams. Don't be mean, give yourself a pat on the back every now and then for doing your best. 

It's the FINAL stretch, the only thing standing in-between you and winter break freedom are these exams so make your week less stressful and your break more enjoyable by following these tips!

About The Author
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