About me: Why? What? Cosine of ... Huh?

Hey all!

This is Laura! I'm currently majoring in Biotechnology at wonderful IU. :-) It took 3 unis for me to decide where I fit best. That and other reasons I'll go into some other time. Right now I just want to introduce you to my blog. Let me just warn you now: It. will. be. WEIRD. and. RANDOM. but FUN. ^_^

I was born and raised in the country of vampires (guess where that is?), but people don't realize I'm foreign until I pronounce one of 2 words: "three" and "committee." I swear they sound perfectly in my head, but somehow I'm wrong. I don't like to be wrong, but I'm better at admiting it, can you tell?

Anyway, I'm one of those people who have more hobbies than they can enjoy at one time. I like it that way, though, becuse I never have to deal with routine. I can always switch it up if I get bored with what I'm doing. Some things stick, that's true, but I also go through a lot of phases (let's just mention my knitting phase and my coming-up-with-a-billion-dollar-business-idea phase... They're at the bottom of my list for now).

WHY? I'm blogging because I love to express myself and everything I feel. If I were the only person alive, I'd go mad. I need people and communication to maintain my sannity, the little there is left. I used to tell my parents everything about my day at school when I was still at home, up until I graduated from high school. They never forced me to, I just loved to share with them what went down. I miss that aspect of my life...

WHAT? As I've mentioned, this blog will be about everything, but since my life revolves around IU, it will come up quite a lot. I'll probably talk about my college life, college costs, majors (I've switched between 3 of 'em ^_^), career ideas, student organizations, volunteerng and living in a college town. My beautiful Himalayan-Munchkin cat, Butters, will help me out with inspiration. Ever seen a cat who sleeps like a human and gives you kisses every morning first thing you open your eyes? YES, he's amazing!

COSINE OF ... HUH? I like to think I'm pretty creative (I took painting, writing and ballet classes since I was 3), but coming up with a blog name was a little difficult because it wasn't one of my most creative moments. :)) I didn't want to name my blog "Laura's Blog" (boooooring), so I looked around my room to figure out a better name. I looked on my desk and glanced at a piece of scratch paper I had used on a Physics assignment. Apparently I was working with vectors to figure out some electric field problem and there was cosine. :) I'm a nerd, so I love math. I guess cosine could represent me, I thought to myself. That's not all that I am, though. Recently, I've had a few important life changing experiencing and I started dwelling more on what really makes me happy, what I want to achieve in this life time and how will that affect others. That puts me in both sides of this world: I love to day dream and philosophize, but I also like the concreteness of science and I believe cosine of life merges those very well. Why not sine? That's for another time. :)

Talk to you later!


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