Who Else Wants Awesome Classes?

I never really stopped to think about all the classes I've taken in my three years as an IU student. All those classes you love and hate just get forgotten as soon as the grades are posted. Well I'm going to tell you my favorite classes I've taken to help you make your future schedules!

1. HPER classes

HPER classes are great. If you have time in your schedule I suggest picking up one of the 1 credit hour pass/fail classes that they offer. I have taken Weight Training and Fitness and Jogging class and they have been some of my favorite classes! They provide the opportunity to meet people of all ages and majors. It is a good change of pace from all of the other classes you are taking with the same people. Plus it is a built into your schedule that you have to workout 2 days a week for credit!

2. Language courses

Although it has not been the best on my GPA to take 3 years of German courses, they have been some of my favorite classes. A lot like the HPER classes they allowed me to meet people from every age and major to help me become a more rounded person. Though I have struggled, the professors have been some of my favorite and I have met great friends that have helped me through the courses.

3. Topics courses

Be careful with these... Although you may need an S&H or A&H course of a certain level off a certain list to fulfill some sort of requirement don't pick without doing your research. Check with friends, rate my professor sites, and most importantly make sure the class sounds like something you will be interested in. 

For example, I have taken some great topics classes such as culture courses, and some terrible ones such as a comparative politics course that I had no interest in at all. Although I may have received a higher grade in the politics course, I felt I really learned more and had a much easier time sitting through the culture courses.

4. Major courses

Although not all majors are created equal, I suspect that everyone has a little bit of wiggle room within their major. When choosing courses to take don't always pick the professor who gives the highest grades or the class that sounds the easiest. Pick the topics that interest you and the professors that you've heard others talk about positively. Who knows, it may end up being one of your favorite classes.

My point is: Yes, grades are important while you are at Indiana University, but what did you probably won't gain as much from that easy A that you are uninterested in, than that B+ you struggled to get but you loved the course. Even though you may have a slightly lower GPA, during interviews your interviewers will be able to tell if you really gained knowledge from the courses you have taken or if you are just coasting through. IU offers so many great classes so whether you are going to be a Freshman or going to be a Senior, try and expose yourself to as much as you can during your time here. So next time you are choosing courses, choose wisely!

About The Author
Katie MerkhoferAssistant Brand Manager

2016 update: I'm back!!

Why am I here? I stumbled across my old blog and thought - maybe there are others out there looking for some unfiltered professional advice. I am here to help! I will give you updates on life in the working world and how to handle life's challenges in the professional world. 

***Wow time really changes things doesn't it? I kept my former bio before as a reminder to always channel my inner student.

Former Bio from 2012:

My name is Katie Merkhofer and I am a senior at Indiana University Bloomington. I am currently perusing a major in marketing and a minor in German. I'm just your ordinary 21 year old from Cary, Illinois.

Although I spend most of my time in class, or doing class work, I am also the vice president of corporate relations and career development in the American Marketing Association Indiana University Chapter (IU AMA), in the marketing committee for the Kelley Retail Association (KRA), and I tutor for a finance course (Bus-F370).

One of my biggest passions is running. I have completed 6 half marathons! My favorite race was the Rock n' Roll half marathon in Las Vegas on my 21st birthday!

I can't wait to share my experiences at IU with you!

***Updates: I am now 25 and working in Brand Management living in Columbus,OH. I graduated in May 2013 with degrees in Marketing and International Business. I now spend most of my time at work, running or with my dog. I have now completed 12 half marathons and 2 full marathons!