Fun at the IU Student Involvement fair

For those of you who attended the Student Involvement fair on Wednesday August 29th, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did while melting in the hot sun. 

Thanks to Alyssa Andrews for the photo

So many great clubs attended the involvement fair that I found myself wishing I could go back to Freshman year and enter a million more clubs! It was also so amazing to meet my fellow bloggers in person!

Note to all Freshman (and Sophomores)

  • Get involved!!

If you did not attend this event there are plenty more events and call out meetings in the coming weeks. 

  • Go to all the call out meetings you are interested in!

Just because you go to the meeting doesn't mean you have to enter the club. Just use these to gauge your interest and then choose a few that really catch your attention and where you can and would like to get a leadership position!

  • Consider becoming a blogger

Chances are if you are reading this, you are familliar with the site. We are always looking for new bloggers! It is a great experience and chance to tell your stories. I know that I will be checking up after I graduation to see everything I am missing. You can sign up here

  • Don't wait

Getting involved in clubs early is a great way to meet people, gain experiences, and build your resume!

About The Author
Katie MerkhoferAssistant Brand Manager

2016 update: I'm back!!

Why am I here? I stumbled across my old blog and thought - maybe there are others out there looking for some unfiltered professional advice. I am here to help! I will give you updates on life in the working world and how to handle life's challenges in the professional world. 

***Wow time really changes things doesn't it? I kept my former bio before as a reminder to always channel my inner student.

Former Bio from 2012:

My name is Katie Merkhofer and I am a senior at Indiana University Bloomington. I am currently perusing a major in marketing and a minor in German. I'm just your ordinary 21 year old from Cary, Illinois.

Although I spend most of my time in class, or doing class work, I am also the vice president of corporate relations and career development in the American Marketing Association Indiana University Chapter (IU AMA), in the marketing committee for the Kelley Retail Association (KRA), and I tutor for a finance course (Bus-F370).

One of my biggest passions is running. I have completed 6 half marathons! My favorite race was the Rock n' Roll half marathon in Las Vegas on my 21st birthday!

I can't wait to share my experiences at IU with you!

***Updates: I am now 25 and working in Brand Management living in Columbus,OH. I graduated in May 2013 with degrees in Marketing and International Business. I now spend most of my time at work, running or with my dog. I have now completed 12 half marathons and 2 full marathons!