IU: According to Urbandictionary.com

I would like to address what "Indiana University" is according to urbandictionary.com.  It was clearly written by someone who is not too fond of our neck of the woods.  If you don't like it, don't come here.  Plenty of us love it.

Indiana University is where students inexplicably acquire the psychotic condition of 'delusion of grandeur' soon after enrollment.

I'm pretty sure we aren't alone in this.  Every college student has delusions of grandeur. Am I having a delusion that my life is grand? Maybe. Do I mind? No.

In addition, sports fans of the school acquire this condition even without ever stepping foot on the campus.

This is true, and for good reason.  We love our teams.  We have tradition, passion, and loyalty.  So sue us.  (Also it should be noted that they are likely only talking about basketball.  Our football team is downright bad and unfortunately other sports don't get as much attention. This is no one's fault, we just love basketball. Of course we want our Hoosiers to succeed no matter what sport they are playing.)

What is most disturbing is that this condition is somehow spread to children of the afflicted at an early age.

Yup. I don't regret it either, it taught me passion at a young age.

All aspects of life are consumed by this delusion. E.g. the sports teams are considered much better than reality;

Because they're backed by great fans and great tradition.  Our fans aren't the bandwagon type. (Granted we have some.  But it's not like we need them because we have such a strong fan base consistently.) Even in our darkest of times, we cheer on our Hoosiers.  Again, they are likely talking about basketball.

the school academics are considered much higher rated than reality;

There's so much here to say.  We have the Kelley School of Business (http://kelley.iu.edu/about/rankings.html) and the Jacobs School of Music (http://info.music.indiana.edu/web/page/normal/15780.html) Ever heard of Joshua Bell? Maybe not, but he plays violin better than you.  And yes he went here. Aside from those, we have so many other programs that are very highly regarded.  Even my Germanic Studies major is pretty legitimate. (http://chronicle.com/article/NRC-Rankings-Overview-German/124735/) Also, you can study pretty much anything you want. We had a magic major once. (http://idsnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=75169 So, sorry we do what we love.

and the social atmosphere is considered of a higher reputation than reality. However, the reality is that underachievement is the norm.

Regarding the "underachievement," see above.  Of course students underachieve. They underachieve everywhere.  There are also a lot of overachievers here too. I'm not even going to bother trying to pick out one specific link for that. Regarding the social atmosphere, IU is just a fun place to be.  There are so many different kinds of people and so much going on.  If you're lacking in something to do, that's your own damn fault.  Opportunities are endless here.

This mental condition should elicit feelings of sympathy and compassion. Unfortunately, those afflicted are more often the recipients of ridicule and taunts by everyone around them. As a result, those afflicted tend to form exclusive groups of others with the same disease. This results in irrational reinforcement of their delusional opinions of themselves and the reality outside of their enclaves. 

All I have to say in response:

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