What dorm life is REALLY like...

Welcome Class of 2019! You're about to embark on the GREATEST 4 years of your life (to date). With this new chapter about to start, many of you may be excited, nervous, anxious, about notorious dorm life. By now, you all have your dorm and roommate assignments and are frantically creating lists of decorating ideas. Here's the low down on some dorm life myths:

Myth #1: Dorms are dirty

Dorms are as dirty as you make them. IU has custodians take out trash, clean the bathrooms and vacuum community spaces every day. That being said, your dorm is your own responsibility. Some useful cleaning supplies: swiffer sweeper (with wet pads), Clorox wipes, all-purpose cleaning spray, dish washing soap and sponge, and don't forget Febreeze to get rid of those *interesting* scents!

Tip #1: Clean up messes right after they happen (i.e. wipe up spills and at least soak your dishes after you eat), it'll make your life 10 times easier, I swear.

Tip #2: Put a reminder in your phone to clean some things regularly (i.e. wash your sheets and covers, vacuum), DON'T BE THE KID WHO DOESN'T WASH HIS SHEETS THE ENTIRE YEAR. IT'S GROSS.

Myth #2: Dorms are small and you'll have no room for anything

Dorms at IU are pretty darn big compared to most schools! I remember touring Villanova University in Pennsylvania, the doubles were practically half the size of the doubles in McNutt (the standard double size at IU, Eigenmann has HUGE ones). I found that my room was pretty spacious and you can rearrange furniture (depending on your dorm) to maximize space. Two of my best friends fit their built-in desks, built-in closets, bunked beds, futon, mini-fridge, TV and gaming systems, really comfortably. And the closets are big too, I've got A LOT of clothes and I fit them all in there. 

Tip #1: Don't use floor space, think vertically! Coffee maker on top of the microwave on top of the mini-fridge, my roommate and I kept our luggage bags under the bed, and at least in McNutt there was storage room above the closets and built-in shelving behind the door. Make use of what you have!

Tip #2: Try it out without a futon/TV if you can. There's always going to be someone on your floor with a great set-up that you can befriend (aka me with my friends from ^^^). If you end up wanting your own, Target is super close to campus!

Myth #3: Dorms are the worst part of college

All in all, dorm life is not bad! You learn to love it! Even if it seems like the worst part of college is living (sharing) a tiny space, don't fret about it. The RAs do an amazing job at fostering a family on your floor and work together with each other to create community in the whole dorm. By the time the end of second semester nears, you'll start to realize how convenient dorm life really is. Some of your best friends are going to live ten feet away from you compared to sophomore year where every one lives in different apartment complexes or Greek housing. You'll always have someone to eat dinner (using almighty meal points) with. You've got people cleaning up after (most of) your messes. And at the end of the day, you're going through it together, embrace the experience, dorm life is awesome! 

Next door neighbors and best friends!

Scope the RPS (Residential Programs and Services) housing site here. And feel free to comment about any other concerns!

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