The House Hunt to End All House Hunts


You probably should.  Before you end up like this desperate cat

The most important thing is to figure out who you ACTUALLY want to live with.  I have seen friendships end after they live together simply because they made better friends than roommates.  It is the same story as when you consider living with your friends from high school your first year.  Let me tell you, rooming in an apartment or house is quite different than living in a dorm room.  There are many more things that can cause issues.  Parties, trash, dishes, laundry, and anything else that happens in the common living areas. So all in all, when it comes to who to live with...

SO, you know who you want to live with? GREAT!  Now, make a list of all of the things you need from housing.

Now cut that list down to the one thing you that you would absolutely not give up (as in, you would choose to live with someone else over this one thing) whether that be price, area, pets, or if you have to pay water.  Whatever it is, find that one thing and then be willing to hear your future roomies out about their reasons for different opinions.  

Got it? good.  Now find a way to let yourself be willing to compromise on that one thing.  Finding a house or apartment that everyone enjoys is all about compromise.  But don't sweat it, if you are with people who you love, your housing becomes less important.  After all, we're in the beautiful town of Bloomington, Indiana

I suggest picking up a copy of the housing guide from this past friday's IDS.  You should definitely always consider going to the housing fair even if its only for the free stuff.  Personally, I am looking for housing by going to websites like,, and Craigslist.

I hope this helped!

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