The Final Chapter: My Last Semester at IU

Everyone told me that my time in college was going to fly by, and boy, were they more right than I thought they would be.  It is not that I didn't believe them; I just could not comprehend how quickly it would fly by.  It's as if just last month I was flipping pancakes during our first pancake dinner for Forest Student Government's pancake dinner during finals week my freshman year, and now I've walked in graduation and am preparing for student teaching and am flying out to Costa Rica in only two months! YIKES! 

I have certainly learned a lot (in and out of the classroom) throughout my time here at IU, but the biggest lessons are these:

Keeping track of your bank account is essential

Suddenly that paycheck doesn't look so hefty.  Groceries cost a great deal more than I thought.  Personally, it is embarrassing for me if I have to call and ask my parents for money considering they are already helping me pay for school.  Then you have electricity, miscellaneous, going out to eat, going out on weekends.  IT PILES UP.  So just keep track of it and avoid any embarrassing phone calls begging for money (or add another job, but then time comes into play).

There is a definite line between having a great time and being responsible with your time

Everyone enjoys spending time with friends and having a blast.  Whether watching movies, at the bars, or just hanging out, it is still important not to lose track of things that need to be done.  Class still exists, homework still exists, and a good night's sleep is still important.  Choose wisely, and know that mistakes will be made but should be learned from.

Being friendly and consistent can go a long way

If you have been on time and ready to go for class/work/whatever it may be, and you have also been trying hard and being kind, you may be surprised at how understanding some professors/managers/friends may be.  Best practice is to show up and do your best with a smile on your face.  When the time comes that you need a little help or some leeway it will come easier if you have been a pleasant student/employee/coworker/friend.

It takes really great friends to love you in every state of your being

including when you're stressed because you have too much homework, hungry because you're so stressed you forgot to eat, and tired because you've been awake studying and haven't eaten. (note:  this love doesn't mean that they won't avoid you until you've been given a snack)

It is just as important to take care of yourself (sleep/exercise/relax) as it is to...

  1. ...finish that paper
  2. for that test
  3. ...take care of everyone else
  4. ...make it to those 20 meetings in one week
  5. ...hang out with friends

Everyone learns their own life lessons in college, and it is important to keep in mind that most mistakes can be recovered from and all can be learned from.  The wisest of people manage to learn from others' mistakes as well as their own.  So get out there, make some mistakes, learn some lessons, and remember--be kind to yourself and learn to laugh at your mistakes! 

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About The Author
Claire HanrahanChemistry Education Major, Spanish minor, Counseling minor, NRHH member, NSLS member

I'm a chemistry-loving, talkative, future educator who has been very involved on IU's campus!  I am currently a School of Education Direct Admit Mentor and a Welcome Week Chairperson for Forest Quad, and I am involved in National Residence Hall Honorary and the National Society of Leadership and Success.  I have previously been a member of the RHA Programming Board and Forest Student Government for which I have acted as an RHA delegate and VP of Programming.  Feel free to comment and ask any questions!  Happy Reading