Resources Galore! A guide to resources at IUB

I admit it, I have not been utilizing everything offered to me here at IU.  There are so many reasons ranging from "I don't really need that," all the way to being too embarrassed.  So if you see some of these resources on campus and think, "research?  I can do that online," "that's just for stupid people...I'm not stupid," "that's for serious geeks," or "no way am I doing that...I don't want people to think I'm weak..." 


(but seriously...stop)

There are so many fantastic resources here on campus that I wish I had been taking full advantage of since I was a freshman.  For instance, free tutoring, office hours, libraries, the health center, writing services, seminars, and ADVISERS.  (okay, so I understand that maybe you don't like your adviser, but mine is fantastic and she helps me with everything, and I mean everything!)

So all in all, I suggest, no I urge you to utilize all of the resources that there are here on this fantastic campus.  Please, PLEASE don't be embarrassed to ask for help with anything.  Whether it is getting a tutor, going to office hours, or talking to someone at CAPS there is nothing wrong or embarrassing about not knowing what to do or needing help with something.  trust me it is normal (whatever "normal" is).  

As far as libraries and research go, believe it or not you cannot do everything online.  The people sitting at those desks with giant question mark signs hanging over them aren't there for a cool place to study, they are there to help you!  Ask them if you need help with something.  But I suppose if you really would prefer looking online,  IU library resource gateway is the place for you.   we get pretty fantastic access to documents just because we are IU students.  There is also writing services, which would have helped greatly with those absolutely terrible first papers I turned in my freshman year.  My advice there is, again, always ask!  

So, basically, don't be like me and miss taking full advantage of all of your resources.  After all, you are paying for your education, why not get your money's worth??

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